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​Infrared Sauna​

  • 1 session - $30

  • 3 sessions package - $75

  • 5 ​sessions package - $100​

  • 8 ​sessions package - $120

Infrared light is part of the sun's 

invisible spectrum. Traditional 

saunas heat the air with steam, 

but our Infrared Sauna warms 

your body with naturally occuring 

infrared waves of energy that penetrate deep within the body - gently elevating the body's surface temperature and activating the organs and other bodily systems. With infrared sauna technology, you can lose weight, relax, relieve muscle and arthritis pain, increase your circulation and purify your skin! One session consists of 30 minutes. 

Br​eathe ~ Relax ~ Repeat

Spa Treatments

​​"Helping you create a better body, mind, and spirit"


Energy Balancing

& Reiki​​

  • ​30 minutes - $40

  • ​60 minutes - $80​

All living things are sustained by life force energy, sometimes called chi or prana.  The prana of the human energy field consists of two main components:  the physical (biological) and the relational (emotional) energetic systems.  The experiences we have in life and the way we negotiate those circumstances directly impact the way our energy field operates. Our habitual responses to life become patterns in our field.  Some patterns heal and uplift us, while others disrupt the flow of energy and contribute to physical, emotional, or spiritual distress.  

Trained energy workers help clear blockages in the energetic bodies of clients so prana can once again move easily through the system and facilitate healing.  Many people describe these sessions as deeply relaxing.Clients may remain fully clothed for these sessions or may choose to add this service to their massage appointment.

​​​​​​​Sugar Scrubs

  • Sugar Scrub Only - $45

  • ​​Add on to your massage - $40

Include our Lavender Sugar Scrub with your massage for an invigiorating, skin softening treat. The fine texture of the sugar gently exfoliates your skin, leaving your body supremely hydrated and glowingly refreshed.

Hot Stone and Therapeutic Massage - Sugar Scrubs - Energy Balancing  - Infrared Sauna

We offer a variety of holistic and therapeutic services to meet your wellness goals.

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